Smansha is a one stop solution to help your clients with cash flow.

Give your clients accurate real-time view of their cash position, encourage proactive conversations with powerful scenario planning and get them affordable financing to empower their business.

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Helping Clients by Giving Cash Flow They Love

When small businesses fail, over 65% cite cash flow issues as the root cause. If cash flow is only reviewed once a year, the survival rate improves to 25-35% but 80% of small business loan applications to get cash from traditional banks are rejected.

Smansha technology gives your clients a white-gloved service to improve cash flow

Cash Flow Forecasting
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Easiest way to create cash flow forecasting is saving hours.

Create cash flow forecasts quickly and build reliable ‘what if’ scenarios in Smansha for your clients. Review their financial health with intuitive dashboards, cash flow details & summary along with beautiful simple to understand PDF reports. Measure the impact on cash flow when team is expanded or there is a quick injection of cash from a lender for the much-needed cash for payroll or buy an equipment or to even launch a growth marketing campaign.

Your clients get a clear, accurate view of their business. They wouldn't believe how did they survive without it. Start helping clients now.

Our partner plan comes with a free licence for your firm and 30 days free trial after a client is added. Use Smansha forecasting software for accountants and bookkeepers to free up your time and give your clients peace of mind.

Offer Solutions


Financing help your clients find the cash they need to grow and thrive.

40% of small business owners consider additional funding for their business each year. We have made access to small business lending simple for you to unlock cash for your clients by securing better deals. Our technology strives to bring accountants, small businesses, and lenders on one platform to reduce costs.

Businesses are 4x more likely to get funding with guidance from an accountant. Tell us what your client needs with 1 simple application, and our technology will find it.

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Get matched to funding opportunities.

We’ll scour 40+ lenders to make intelligent matches. Our technology will match your clients with all suitable products and suggest the most relevant solutions across loans, line of credit, cash advance, equipment financing etc. We work with you or directly with your client to put financing offers in context, manage expectations, and chase up decisions. Just get in touch and see the difference we can make.

We’ll help you choose the best one.

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Increase your customer loyalty and build credibility.

Smansha helps you set your firm apart from the competition by offering not only cash flow insights but also a meaningful resource to improve cash position when needed. Our revenue share plan generates additional earnings for your firm while empowering your customers.

Our proprietary technology position you as a trusted advisor with the ability to offer small business owners the best lending options available through our marketplace platform.

70% of small business owners are unaware that alternative lending sources exist. There are plenty of funding solutions to help your clients' business grow, get started for FREE now.

Why Partner with Smansha

As an accountant, you are in a unique position where you see whether your client will have cash crunch in future or they need a bit of help to grow their business. Smansha Funding Marketplace is that resource where with 1 click and 30 seconds, you would be able to help your clients apply for funding whenever they need a boost.

  • Exclusive Accountant Portal
  • Data-Driven Advisory Reports
  • Generate Additional Revenue for your firm
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Empower your customers
  • Broaden your product mix
  • Boost customer retention

Add Smansha Forecasting & Funding to your practice portfolio for a competitive differentiator, no-risk diversification of revenue streams, and hedging against client churn.