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The Value of Cash Flow Consulting

Harness the power of daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts to improve your clients’ financial health in actionable straightforward ways. No endless spreadsheets, no irrelevant messy data, simply review your clients’ cash flow in clear insightful ways and benefit from custom what-if scenarios to plan ahead and take action before the challenges come.

Help clients make better-informed decisions when measuring future impacts of expanding the team by hiring a new employee, of applying for funding opportunities like invoice financing or equipment financing, or even of increasing growth campaigns. Simply log in your dedicated Smansha portal and benefit from daily, weekly, and monthly cash flow forecasts powered by what-if scenarios to view live projections and provide data-driven advice.

Cash Flow Forecasting
Offer Solutions

Grow You Firm’s Revenue

Adding value through cash flow advisory is one of the most worth it and straightforward ways for accountants to grow their revenue. Being able to improve businesses’ financial health in one click is a must-have resource to generate new revenue streams from current and future clients.

With Smansha, accountants are empowered to demonstrate their expertise through in-depth guidance delivered in a visual, intuitive way. Smansha brings the ultimate advisory resource for accountants to excel when helping clients achieve better cash flow.

Cash Flow Consulting

Guide Clients with Data-Driven Advice

Companies that implement data-driven processes in their operations achieve better results and thrive in the long term. Leverage Smansha’s data analysis to give advice backed by accurate and reliable data so your clients can have financial methodologies applied to their day-to-day decisions.

You can take your own reports to the next level by using the various, graphs, charts, insights, and KPIs analyzed and created by the software. Customizable sections can improve your experience to generate tailored graphs that are most relevant to each specific client.

Cash Flow Consulting

Help Build Real Wealth

Cash flow is a matter of survival for the majority of small and medium-sized businesses. Most businesses only hold enough cash to take them to the next month, meaning that occasional impacts on their cash flow can make or break them.

Accountants are considered SMEs’ most trusted advisors and have the ability to bring significant improvements to businesses’ finances by providing valuable cash flow consulting services with Smansha. Cash flow consulting is one of the strongest trends in small business accounting and Smansha is the bridge that helps your firm reach further rewards in the advisory realm. Simply connect your QBO or Xero account to Smansha in a click and start today.

*Note: Some functionalities are under remodeling to be concluded soon.