Win-Win Situation

Be Part of a Win-Win Situation

If you are a referring affiliate, independent sales professional or an individual supporter wanting to spread the word, you can help businesses improve their finances while getting rewarded at the same time.

Smansha welcomes all supporters who help build value for businesses worldwide. That’s why we have a fast, easy referral program in place to help you become a partner in our journey to empower businesses.

Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Whether you’re a business or individual, we value your support. Currently, we’ve created the following categories for our referral program:

  • Affiliates — Business and individuals with established online audiences.
  • Sales Pros — Businesses and individuals who engage in proactive sales activities.
  • Supporters — Passionate businesses and individuals who simply love Smansha and want to refer us to their inner circles.

Not sure where you fit? Just select supporter and we’ll help you find the right fit. You never know, you could create a category all your own. Here’s to the power of teamwork and innovation!

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