Improve Your Finances

3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Finances

Smansha makes accessing the short-term funds your business needs seamless and easy — with no complex, cumbersome or bank-like procedures. Just connect, click and go.

Actionable cash flow, a near real-time risk score and access to affordable short-term funding are only a few clicks away.

Connect Your Accounting Software

Step 1 – Connect Your Accounting Software

Simply sign up for Smansha and connect your accounting software QBO or Xero, so that your automated assessment — based on your current accounting data — can begin.

The entire process is free and you can repeat the cash flow as often as you’d like in order to track your progress and plan your future.

Get Your Risk Score

Step 2 – Get Your Risk Score

Your cost-free, near real-time financial analysis will be a prominent feature of your financial assessment, which will also include a range of analytics and insights — presented in a highly visual and insightful manner.

Your Smansha risk score will give you a realistic idea of how your company will be seen in terms of financing risk. In other words, the better your score, the more favorable your terms will likely be.

If for any reason, your risk score isn’t where you’d like it to be, you can follow the suggestions provided in your assessment to improve your score.

Access Funds

Step 3 – Access Funds

Once your application is approved and you’re ready to start applying for cash advance against your receivables, we’ll contact you and guide you through the entire process to assure that your assets are safe and sound right from the very beginning.

When you choose to sell an invoice, the only information a prospective buyer will see is your Financial Analysis and the invoice details. Your other cash flow are for your eyes only.