Improve Cash Flow

Why Cash Flow Forecasting

Maintaining a positive cash flow is essential for businesses to thrive. Cash flow is often seen as businesses’ lifeblood and you need to make sure yours is always healthy. The line drawn between successful and bankrupt small-to-medium-sized businesses is often how much cash they have in the bank, how well they resist to market changes, and how long they are able to remain cash flow positive during challenging times.

With Smansha, you can easily track your business’ cash flow through daily, weekly, and monthly and forecasts in a click. These intuitive tools enable you to always stay a step ahead of future changes and events and make sure your business remains safe and sound year-round.

Cash Flow Forecasting
Identify the Factors Affecting Cash Flow

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Forecasts

Get daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts and be prepared for challenges before they happen. Pinpoint events to make data-driven decisions that take your cash flow to new standards. Compare performance from various timelines and identify areas that need improvement and the ones that are on track.

Cash flow projections enable you to have your business’ finances organized in a way that they always remain above the red. If used on a regular basis, projections can help you have the cash you need, when you need it, and for the purpose you need it.

Forecast Monthly Cash Flow

Custom What-If Scenarios

Your business goes through many changes across the year, so should your planning and forecasting. With Smansha’s insightful what-if scenarios, you can simulate different scenarios that may occur to your business and see the direct impacts that those would bring to your finances in case they materialize.

You may be considering hiring a new employee, or maybe you might apply for business financing, or maybe even lease a new office space, all those events will have different impacts on your business’ cash flow and you need to be prepared for that. Create scenarios based on your current and future cash position to have a real-time glimpse of how your cash flow would look like in the future months in each scenario.

Cash Flow Forecasting
Forecast Daily Cash Flow

Your Business’ Cash Flow Healthier

Smansha’s cash flow forecasting is the bridge between your business and a constantly healthy cash flow. No endless spreadsheets, no irrelevant or messy data, your financial status is reflected in clear visuals so you can start taking action right away. Forecasts on your daily cash position and analysis on your payables, receivables, income, and expenses are readily accessible within seconds after connecting your account.

Improving your cash flow can seem tricky, especially if you are still trying to do things manually. But, with the power of automated cash flow forecasting on your side, that can become a seamless achievement accomplished on a regular basis. In Smansha, businesses can start improving their cash flow at no cost, so start now for free.

*Note: Some functionalities are under remodeling to be concluded soon.