Challenge Archaic Standards

Look Better in Front of Lenders

One of the most common challenges faced by small and medium-sized business owners when applying for financing is that they simply do not know how lenders really look at their business’ finances. Some think having positive cash flow is enough, others think that having a broad array of clients helps dilute risk, and some others think that it is all about annual revenue.

Smansha helps you understand what lenders would really consider about your business' finances when deciding on financing applications. The software maps several financing-related points anywhere from debtor collection scores to average receivables days, balance sheet strength, etc., to present businesses with a clear set of insights and indicators that are most relevant to lenders. The tool empowers SMEs to take the necessary steps to looks more attractive in front of lenders.

How Risk Assessment Works
Save Time in Real Time

Review Your Finances in a Glimpse

There is no purpose in having useful data at hand if you cannot understand it. That is why Smansha delivers nearly all its financial analysis through intuitive dashboards and graphs for users to get a quick glimpse at their business’ overall finances instead of wasting time going through endless spreadsheets filled with confusing raw data.

All visuals are designed in an intuitive way so any business owner can understand them right away. Each graph comes with straightforward terms for each data point being shown and the way the dashboards are displayed throughout the app facilitates for a logical, user-friendly experience.

Trust in Security and Reliability

Reshape Your Financial Standing

Your company’s financial standing is crucial not only when applying for loans, but also in various aspects of business operations. Suppliers are often only deemed reliable if having a solid financial standing. The opposite can also be true as most of the best suppliers often screen potential clients before they can work together.

With Smansha, you can leverage analytical data and performance indicators to reshape your finances to positive new standards. Identifying and understanding the most impactful points to improve your numbers is key for your business to thrive. Smansha enables you to take action and see direct results in real time so you can fine-tune the most efficient strategies for your business.

Trust in Security and Reliability

Take Action on Performance Insights

Analyzing your financial data is essential for your business to thrive, but numbers only tell half the story. That’s why Smansha provides business owners with performance insights that translate numbers into words and shows how their business’ finances are preforming compared to historical KPIs, as well as presents what each insight mean in terms of the overall financial health of a company.

Insights can be a priceless resource when planning changes to reshape business finances. They are an objective and descriptive knowledge source that enable business owners to look at their own business from different perspectives, thus creating the essential conditions for real change in all ventures.

*Note: Some functionalities are under remodeling to be concluded soon.