Improve Cash Flow

Cash Flow Forecasting and Scenario Planning

Get complete and accurate view of your cash flow to make smart decisions

Cash Flow Forecasting
Identify the Factors Affecting Cash Flow

Interactive Cash Flow Forecasting Software

Harness the power of daily, weekly & monthly forecasts to improve your company’s financial health in an actionable straightforward way.

  • Immediately identify and solve problems impacting short-term cash flow
  • Be prepared for challenges before they happen
  • Pinpoint events to make data-driven decisions to optimize cash flow
  • Automatically track all invoices, bills, and other income/expenses along with predicted due dates
Cash Flow Forecasting
Forecast Monthly Cash Flow

Powerful ‘What-If’ Scenario Planning

Powerful scenario forecasting quickly and easily models the effects of different future outcomes. Using our smart forecasting engine, you can predict the impact of various expenses, increase or decrease in revenues, hiring staff, getting a loan, bidding on a project, or buying machinery.

  • Assess the scope and impact of any income or expense transaction before it happens
  • Compare performance from various timelines and identify areas for improvement
  • Model hypothetical cash situations to see how they compare to actual forecast
  • Quickly compare the impact on your cash flow today, and in the future for different scenarios
Forecast Daily Cash Flow

Super Easy to Understand

Review your finances in a glimpse through an intuitive dashboard and graphs. All visuals are designed in a way that any business owner can understand them right away. Each graph comes with straightforward terms for each data point being shown and the way the dashboards are displayed throughout the app facilitates a logical, user-friendly experience. Drill down anytime to review transaction details.

Create Value

Harness the Power of ML/AI

No more endless spreadsheets, no irrelevant or messy data! The financial status is clearly reflected with intuitive visuals, so you can act right away. Forecasts on your daily cash position and analysis on your payables, receivables, income, and expenses are readily accessible within seconds after connecting your accounting software.

Businesses can start improving their cash flow at no cost, so start now for free!

*Note: Some functionalities are under remodeling to be concluded soon.