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Need to pay your supplier, buy the inventory, or cover some other business expenses but are short on cash? Can’t afford to wait for payments from your clients?

During such situations, business owners often consider business loans to bail them out. However, the time-consuming approval process, tons of paperwork & strict requirements mean that finding a business loan to meet your financial needs at the right time, is indeed an enormous task.

This is where invoice financing comes into play. You can get some cold, hard cash by selling your unpaid invoices. Accounts Receivable Financing provides you the immediate capital to keep your business afloat & can be a vital element of your ongoing cash flow strategy.

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Smansha’s AR Financing is customized & designed to suit your needs. Our technology will match your needs with suitable receivables financing companies.

With invoice financing, you typically receive 80% - 90% of the invoice face value upfront based on the risk profile of your business. However, depending upon the lender, you can get up to 100% of the invoice face value. The invoice itself serves as a collateral and you can repay the lender once the invoice is paid.

Loan Amount

Up to 100% of invoice value

Loan Term

1-5 years

Interest Rate

As low as 5%

Repayment Term

Up to 1 year


Invoice serves as collateral

Funding Time

As fast as 48 business hours

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Why Consider An Accounts Receivable Financing With Smansha?

Fast & Easy Access Set up an account with Smansha to convert your invoices into cash right away. At Smansha lending marketplace, we help businesses compare and find a variety of AR financing offers faster than traditional financing options.

100% Financing Traditional lenders usually finance only 80-90% of the invoice face value. Our lending partners may finance up to 100% of it.

Improve Credit Score In addition to the debt-free cash flow, AR financing can help you improve your business credit score. With full and timely funding, you can stay on top of your payables.

Use for Various Business Purposes Whether you are launching a new product, hiring new employees, buying supplies, or paying business expenses, you can use Accounts Receivable Finance.

No Hidden Charges There are some loan hidden charges that banks don’t tell you. At Smansha, we think you deserve loan charges that are clear and transparent – with no hidden costs.

Find the Best Deal Our business funding experts can help you match your business with a wide range of AR financing options. Besides, they can also help you compare interest rates, terms, and payments for a variety of lending options, so you can choose the one that meets your business's unique financial needs.

We Work With Top Alternative Lending Partners to Support Small Businesses with Financing

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Applying for an Accounts Receivable Financing with Smansha is a quick & easy process. Sign up at Smansha {hyperlink to sign up page in new tab} and apply for financing at our innovative lending platform in few minutes. Once approved, you will receive funds in 24 – 48 business hours.

Invoice Financing requires no collateral as the invoices themselves act as collateral against the money borrowed.

You need to supply the following information for loan application:
• Legal Name of the Business
• EIN or SSN
• Estimated Credit Score
• Loan Amount
You will need the following documents upon approval:
• Valid Driver’s License
• Bank Statements
• Voided Business Check
• Outstanding Invoice(s)

• Quick & easy loan approval process
• No other collateral required
• Low fee
• Short term commitment
• Zero debt
• Instantly improve your cash flow

AR Financing can be used for a variety of business purposes. It can be used for launching a new product, to hiring a new employee, buying supplies, paying for company expenses, or buying a new business location.

Once you have a lender to finance your invoices, you can send the invoice details to them to be funded. After verifying the invoice, you will receive the funds as per lender’s agreement. Once your customer pays the invoice in full, you will receive the remaining amount from the lender minus fees.

The main difference between the two is that in invoice financing, businesses borrow money from the lender as a loan against the outstanding invoices. In factoring, the invoices are sold to a lender for immediate cash. Invoice Financing is cheaper than Invoice Factoring.

Though costs involved in receivable financing depends entirely upon the lender, here are some usual fees involved:
• Processing fee
• Factoring fee
• Credit check fee
• Mailing fee
• Interest
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