A true companion in your small business’ financial journey
Whether you are a startup or an existing business owner, a business credit card is an ideal solution for your business' financial problems. A business credit card can help you boost your working capital, keep a better control of your business spending, & build a strong credit history. Don't just settle for any business credit card, find the right one with Smansha.

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Why consider a Business Credit Card?

Business credit card not only gives you financial flexibility in your small business but brings in various attractive perks that are business-specific.

  • Easy to manage business expenses
  • Expands overall available credit
  • Offers amazing perks such as points, cash-back, etc
  • Opportunity to boost credit rating

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Why apply for a business credit card through Smansha?

Smansha can help you find & choose the best business credit card as per your business needs.

We Work With Top Alternative Lending Partners to Support Small Businesses with Financing

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Business credit cards aren't just limited to corporations. If you are operating a business, whether working as a sole proprietor, a freelance gig, or side hustle, you are eligible to apply for one.

If you’ve just started your business and it doesn’t have a credit history yet, you can still apply. Many lenders review your personal credit report in this condition.

Depending upon the type of card you are applying for, following information may be requested:
• Legal business name
• Business address & phone number
• Entity & legal structure
• Tax Identification Number
• Annual income
• Estimated monthly expenses
• Personal credit history

Unless small business owners default, most lenders don’t report business credit cards to their personal credit cards. However, business owners need to provide their personal credit history which credit card issuers will use to review owners’ credit scores and current debts.

If you have just started a business & don't have a business credit history yet, you can still apply. Many of our lending partners offer credit card to small businesses after reviewing business owner's personal credit report.

There's no specific income requirement for a business to qualify for a credit card. You can get one based on your personal income as well.

You must have a credit score of 600 or above to qualify. If you have a personal credit card & not a business one, they will look at personal credit score to determine the eligibility. If you have no credit history at all, you can still apply for one as some of our lending partners do offer business credit card without any credit history.

A business credit card can be used for any business related expense including purchasing inventory, supplies, travelling, etc.

A business credit card is one of the most flexible funding options for small business owners. You can use it when you want or need it, and the approval is super fast and easy. It can help you build the credit score, bootstrap your new business, earn exciting rewards, and keep better control of employee spending. Moreover, business credit cards let you separate personal & business expenses, consolidate funding sources through balance transfers, and make larger purchases that you can’t purchase with your personal credit card.

Depending upon the nature & needs of the business, you will need to consider different factors to determine the right card. Check out annual fee, perks & rewards, fee, interest rate, foreign transaction fee, etc.
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