Thinking of starting or expanding your small business? Need COVID-19 relief? Purchasing inventory, equipment machinery, and commercial real estate? Get the flexible and affordable funding for almost every business purpose from Small Business Administration (SBA) that you might not qualify for otherwise. Begin your SBA loan application though Smansha to be matched with various SBA lenders.

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As an independent agency of the government, SBA doesn't provide funds directly to small business owners but sets guidelines for its partnering lenders, community development organizations, & micro-lending institutions. Whether you are trying to scrape together money to purchase inventory, increase working capital, or buy real estate. Smansha funding marketplace helps businesses find & compare multiple SBA loan offers, making it easier to apply & secure the best loan to fit your financial needs.

Loan Amount Up to $5,000,000

Loan Term 5-30 Years

Interest Rate As low as 6%

Security Require collateral

Funding Time As fast as 2 weeks

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SBA Loans take a longer time & require quite an amount of paperwork. It is still a great funding option for small business owners especially in the light of favorable interest rates.

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Loan Amount From $30,000 to $5 million

Interest Rate Anywhere between 5 to 10 percent

Repayment Cycle Monthly

Repayment Term 10 years for most loans and 25 years for real estate loans

Time to FundingOne to three months or more

Loan Amount Generally crapped at $5 million, however, certain eligible projects...

Interest Rate 3.67% to 3.98%

Repayment Term 10, 20, or 25 years

Minimum RequirementsMore than 650 credit score

Time to FundingAt least 30 to 90 days

Loan Amount Up to $50,000

Interest Rate 8% to 13%

Repayment Term Up to 6 years

Minimum Requirements640 credit score

Repayment Cycle Monthly

Time to FundingAt least 30 to 90 days

Loan Amount Up to $5 million

Interest Rate 7.50% to 10%

Repayment Term Up to 10 years

Minimum RequirementsSame as with SBA 7(a) loans

Time to FundingAt least 30 to 90 days

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Make PaymentsA fixed amount is automatically debited from your business bank account for repayment.

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Your business should fulfill the following minimum requirements to apply for SBA funding:
• Must be physically located & operate in the U.S
• Must be for-profit & in an eligible industry
• Being in business for a minimum two years
• Must have a strong both business & personal credit score
• $100,000+ in annual business revenue

There are mainly 6 types of SBA loans & programs– SBA 7(a), SBA CDC/ 504 Loans, SBA Microloans, SBA CAP Lines, SBA Export Loans, and SBA Disaster Loans.

If you’re a startup or small business owner who doesn’t fit the requirements of typical SBA loans, SBA microloan is there for you in this situation. You can get an amount up to $50,000, often with no money down.

The exact amount depends on several factors such as business type, annual revenue, loan size, and SBA loan program you’re applying for. The maximum loan amount is $5M & the total SBA guarantee may not exceed $3,750,000.

The following are some of the many common documents you need to apply:
• Your personal identification
• Business certificate or license
• Business plan
• Balance Sheet
• Profit & Loss statements
• 2 years of personal & business tax returns
• Loan application history
• Bank Statements
• Voided business check

You can use SBA loans for almost everything - whether you are planning to purchase a new business, expanding an existing one, purchase inventory, or need working capital for short and long-term expenses.

From lowest down payments to the longest repayment terms to reasonable interest rates, SBA loans offer numerous benefits to small business owners. Both novice & established businesses can apply for SBA loans & access to capital is much higher than other types of loans. Moreover, these loans are suitable for a wide range of business purposes.

Applying for an SBA loan with Smansha is a quick & easy! Sign up & submit your business’ general information on our secure & innovative lending platform in just few minutes & receive funds in just 24-48 business hours once approved.
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