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Startups often need funds to begin the operations which could include buying new equipment, inventory, or hiring new employees. Whether you are in the startup phase, have been in business for a while or just need to ensure positive cash flow, access to a startup loan is a vital component for your dream business to grow & thrive.

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Startups could have no business or needed credit history or enough cash flow for traditional banks to lend a loan. This could be a hurdle in expanding the business operations or increase supply to meet demand. A startup loan gives the power to invest in your small business to meet various unique financial needs. It can help your business grow, refine & push it towards a brighter future.

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Affordable Startup funding offered by our lending partners have nominal fees associated, making them light on your pocket.

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Fast Approval Process Our lending partners will help you get quick approval in as little as 48 business hours.

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Taking your startup ahead and affording initial business expenses require enough capital such as equipment, inventory, staff, payroll, rent, and other day-to-day expenses. Having startup funding can help you grow, refine, and push your business towards a brighter future. So if you’re running an emerging startup business and need some extra cash at your disposal, applying for a startup business loan can prove to be a great decision.

Startup loans can be used for any business purpose like getting new equipment or inventory, covering operational costs, hiring a new employee, to name some.

When lenders evaluate start-up loan applications, they also consider the business owner's personal credit history to make the final decision. That's one of the aspects that makes startup loans a great financing option for new businesses. Depending upon the type of start-up loan you are applying for, you may qualify with bad credit as well.

Depending on the type of startup loan you are applying for, financing options are available from $500 to $50,000 but the final amount is agreed based on need & determined by business plan.

From SBA microloans to business credit cards, equipment financing, invoice financing, crowdfunding, venture capital, grants, & friends & family loans, there are many different small business startup loans available to young entrepreneurs.

Though the qualification criteria for these types of small business financing vary from lender to lender, here are some basic requirements:
• A minimum credit score of 680
• Minimum of 6 months in business
• Updated business plan
• Additional collateral (in some cases)

You can apply for a startup loan from Smansha, a secure & innovative lending platform. It will take few minutes to sign up, fill out the required information & submit. You can receive funds within 24-48 business hours on approval.

• EIN (Employer Identification Number)
• Driver's License
• Personal credit score
• Business financial statements
• Business bank account statements
• Business plan

Again, depending on the types of startup loans, the interest rates are generally observed from 5% to 14%.
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